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MyeEMBA provides MBA resources and study tools for new MBA students, enrolled MBA students, MBA graduates, and Executive MBA's. Maximize your MBA program experience or degree and further differentiate yourself from your peers with MBA resources and tools not normally provided by MBA programs.  

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MyeEMBA's MBA Resources & Study Tools

Reading & Comprehension
MyeEMBA provides resources to help you cover more material in less time than your peers do by improving your reading speed and comprehension skills.

Writing & Communication
Improve your writing and communication skills with MyeEMBA's self-help tools, assignment feedback, and virtual coaches that produce superior grades.

Time Management
Optimize your time management skills with MyeEMBA's development courses and virtual assistants. Effective time management can help create blocks of study time that can result in better content retention and help you cover more topics in less time than your peers.

Business Acumen (Prerequisites)
MyeEMBA provides information on the business foundation skills generally required by most MBA programs for admittance or covered through boot camps, post-admission course requirements, or integrating content into the curriculum. Business foundation skills usually include accounting, business math, calculus, economics, finance and statistics.

Study Skills
Improved study skills developed through online resources results in more effective class time and assignment preparation, which can result in grades that are superior to your peers. MyeEMBA can give you the edge with comprehensive study skill resources.

Financial Planning
Using MyeEMBA's online financial planning resources can result in less financial stress than your peers, which in turn can lead to improved class performance.

Work-Life Balance
Family and employer support can be one of the most important factors in your MBA success. MyeEMBA has online resources that help you reduce external program stress, which can lead to improved class and program performance.

Group Work Tools
Maximize your group work, workflow management, and technology skills through MyeEMBA's online resources and virtual assistants, resulting in more effective and efficient completion of group assignments.

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