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I am Rodney Alsup and I am the founder of MyeEMBA. I have almost 30 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience, most of which is working with MBA students. I have worked with several professional organizations whose focus is on graduate business education to include AACSB, GMAC, EFMD, EMBAC. In addition, I was president of the MBA Roundtable for two years.

While gaining this experience, I observed that not all MBA programs are alike and, more importantly, not all MBA students are alike. This is most apparent when it comes to preparation for starting their MBA program and for competing in their program. Unfortunately, the variances in preparation will often lead to individual performance differences and thus a competitive disadvantage throughout the program.

Moreover, most MBA programs do not focus on developing the skills that will help a student get more out of their program or more effectively compete with their peers during the program. They try different approaches; however, boot camps, integration of prerequisites into the curriculum, on-line tutorials and admission standards seem to fall short of providing the foundation needed for a student to get the most out of their MBA program.  Possible explanations include too much content in a concentrated time, some students have more catching up to do than others do, and many new students fail to assume responsibility for their own preparation.
Preparation is more than just about the prerequisites, it includes preparing to address work-life issues, which now become work-life-MBA issues. These issues are exacerbated when, on the first day of class, work load, lack of knowledge and skills, peer pressure, and an unfamiliar learning environment are realized. All of this places some students in a 'catch up' mode on day one and it continues throughout the entire program. I believe that playing catch up prevents many students from getting the most they can out of their MBA program and, as such, they do not compete effectively.
This is why I created MyeEMBA. I believe MBA students should be getting more out of their MBA programs. I think the MBA program should be an enjoyable learning experience. With adequate preparation, most, if not all, MBA students can be getting more out of their program.  Please explore my web site and see what I have made available for you. Let me know if something is missing or if I can improve the site to serve better your needs.
Think of MyeEMBA as a web site or portal that connects  to resources that will help you get more out of your MBA program or degree. Although MyeEMBA is designed primarily for executive MBA, part-time MBA, and e-learning MBA program participates, many full-time MBAs will find the resources useful as well. Perhaps of even greater importance, especially in today's economy, access to these resources is free or provided at a low cost.
Good luck with your MBA program. May you learn from and enjoy the experience.
Best Regards,

Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
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