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MBA, EMBA, and eMBA teams can use online collaboration tools to improve their team's effectiveness and efficiency. MyeEMBA provides information and tool resources below that are most effective for MBA online collaboration.

About Collaboration Tools

The main difference between these tools and other referenced tools is that collaboration tools allow users to participate or be engaged when it is convenient for them to do so. Typically, the functions include document sharing and version control, on-line chat, blogging, calendar sharing, and other similar capabilities. 

Types of Available Collaboration Tools

One of the most widely recognized collaboration tools is Microsoft SharePoint. Google also provides collaboration tools, such as GoogleDocs, which are generally free to most users. A recent release that may have some appeal to MBA teams is Evernote.

SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint enables collaboration by allowing fast, anytime, anywhere access to team sites. SharePoint provides document sharing and versioning capabilities, integration with Outlook 2007, calendar sharing, wiki capabilities, blogging capabilities, chat, project management tools, and many other specialized services. Hosted services are available from a number of vendors for $69 per month for a limited number of users.  Most MBA teams will meet be under the limit. However, someone on the team will have to be an administrator of the service if the hosted service is used.

MyeEMBA can provide SharePoint services, support and training for MBA teams for a monthly subscription fee of $30 per month for up to 10 team members.

Evernote.  Evernote is a low cost, easy to use application that allows users to create "notebooks" and then save, organize, and share emails, documents, pictures, notes, ink files, and audio files in the appropriate notebook. Described in the Wall Street Journal as a private digital repository and digital file cabinet, Evernote is an ideal collaboration tool for MBA/EMBA/eMBA teams to use during their MBA program. Evernote can be used entirely as a Web-based application or through free easy to download applications on various computers and smart phones. The computer application gives users the option of working off-line with changes being synchronized to the Web application and other computers when reconnected to the internet. 

There are two subscription levels, Free and Premium, which is priced at $5 per month or $45 per year. The main difference between the two subscription levels is storage capacity, the types of documents that can be stored, and what can be done with the items stored.

The Free level is limited to pdf files, 40 MB of storage, and shared viewing while the Premium level accommodates all types of files, 500 MB of storage, and shared viewing and editing. Both subscription levels provide a unique Evernote email address, and anything emailed to that address by anyone will go into the repository as a new note.

Click on the following link to download the MyeEMBA Evernote Getting Started Guide.

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