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The MyeEMBA Blog is designed to help MBA students access resources that will help them work and live smarter while they earn their MBA and to provide a forum for discussing issues that are uniquely MBA student related. A Table of Contents with a brief statement regarding each article is provided below. Click on article title to access the complete article.

Accepted! Now What?

What do you do after you have been accepted by one of the MBA programs to which you applied? The following blog articles help you answer this question.

  • Regroup & Refocus - This post is about clarifying the longer-term goal of earning your MBA and identifying the intermediate steps to its attainment.
  • Information Gathering - What information can you gather now that will help you work and live smarter while you earn your MBA degree.
  • Prepare My Own MBA Personal Learning Guide - Learn how the Guide helps organize information about your program, your goals, and to prepare you for the meetings with your immediate supervisor, coworkers, direct reports, and MBA team members.

Manage Work-Life Balance & Wellbeing While Earning Your MBA 
  • MBA Work-Life Balance: Meet With My Boss - Career wellbeing while earning an MBA usually means managing the immediate supervisor subordinate relationship. This article provides some insight into this important task.

  • MBA Work-Life Balance: Meet with My MBA Team Members - MBA team members will spend a significant amount of time together during their MBA program. This means there will be multiple opportunties for them to influence wellbeing. This article suggests ways to manage those expectations.

  • MBA Students You Are What You Measure - This article suggests that an MBA students current level of wellbeing and work-life balance is a function of what they are measuring, or more likely, what they are not measuring. Starting an MBA program is an opportune time to start measuring those aspects of an MBA student's life that are important to them.

  • Social Wellbeing While Earning My MBA - This article discusses how MBA students can manage the sacrifices, tradeoffs, and potential social well-being issues they may encounter while earning their MBA.

  • MBA Students Meet with Family Members! - There are activities in your life that are going to change during the time you are earning your MBA. This article discusses the effects on your family and your MBA work-life balance in regards to enrolling in an MBA program.

 Technology for MBA Students

Generally, MBA program managers and MBA faculty view technology as a necessary evil. More often than not they also assume that program adopted technology is sufficient for program delivery. However, given the pace of technology development this may not be the case. Other technologies may be available to improve the MBA students life and learning while they are working on their MBA. With this in mind, the following blog articles introduce you to other technologies that can help MBA students live and work smarter while earning their MBA degree.

  • Automating Research with Google Scholar Alerts - Google alerts provides a useful way for MBA students to keep current on topics of interest. This article describes some of the things googke alerts can monitor for the busy MBA student.

MBA Student Teaming, Collaboration, & Study Group Experience

  • MBA Graduate's Perspective - Collaboration Is Key - So says one MBA student. You can gain some insight and understanding by reading about the experiences of others as well as those that have attended or are attending an MBA program. This article describes ways you can learn what it is like being an MBA student and presents the perspective of one student.
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