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You can improve your team's effectiveness and efficiency utilizing online meeting tools to exchange information and build projects. All MBA, EMBA, and eMBA teams can benefit from online meeting tools. 

Online Meeting vs. Voice & Video Conferencing

The main difference between online meeting tools and the voice/video conferencing tools is that meeting tools will usually allow screen sharing, application sharing, and other features to enhance a team's online meeting. In addition, online meeting tools include VoIP capabilities.

Costs of Online Meeting Tools

Unfortunately, these tools have a monthly fee for their use and they limit the number of users. Some of the more common tools that are available include WebEx, Go-to-Meeting, and Microsoft's Live Meeting

Even though there is a cost associated with each of these tools, when divided among the MBA team members, per person cost is nominal. Furthermore, most MBA teams have a small number of members, which is usually within the limits of the application. Before exploring any of the options below, check with your program director to see if any of these applications are available through your program for free or at a discount.

WebEx. Currently, WebEx is advertising a subscription for $49 per month for up to 25 users. They have a free 14-day trial available as well. Capabilities include:

  • Sharing stuff, delivering presentations, showing documents, and demonstrating any desktop application.
  • Creating stuff together with an on-line white board in real time.
  • Let others take control by passing meeting control to let someone else present, or control a remote desktop.

Go-to-Meeting. Go-to-Meeting is advertising a subscription for $49 per month for up to 15 users. They have a free 30-day trial available as well. Capabilities include:

  • Desktop Viewing. Enhance meetings by showing attendees any application and file on your desktop. Attendees can share their desktops, too.
  • Share Keyboard & Mouse Control. Securely collaborate with colleagues on projects by working together in real time.
  • Email & Instant Messaging Integration. Start scheduled or spontaneous meetings from Microsoft® Outlook®, IBM® Lotus Notes®, or various instant-messaging services.
  • Chat. Chat with all attendees or converse privately with a specific participant.
  • Total Audio Service. Choose free VoIP, phone conferencing or both.
  • Mac Support. Host and attend meetings on your Mac® as well as on your PC.
  • Desktop Recording/Meeting Playback. Save, replay, post or email valuable interactions, and presentations – including audio. PC only.
  • Specific Application Sharing. Share only the application you choose, keeping attendees focused on what you want them to see.  PC only.
  • Drawing Tools. Increase participation and spice up presentations with tools to draw, highlight, and point to items of interest right on the screen.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Microsoft is advertising a minimum subscription for five users for $4.50 per user per month for up to 250 meeting participants. Therefore, the cost per month for an MBA team with five members would be $22.50 per month since only one user (administrator) is needed for any team meeting. Capabilities for meeting attendees include:

  • Web client support for remote attendee flexibility
  • Interactive application/desktop sharing and whiteboard tools
  • Active speaker video switching, multi-party video, and multi-party VoIP audio
  • Rich-media presentations, native video conferencing, high-fidelity recording, and Web-cam capabilities
  • Training and event management with event and class registration and virtual breakout rooms
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