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Improve Your MBA Study Skills

Most research relating to study skills and their impact on learning is focused on undergraduate programs and the undergraduate student's lack of study skills. Even so, the findings may apply to individuals enrolling in an MBA program. Unless good study skills were developed while earning an undergraduate degree, the lack of study skills may still be a factor due to deterioration. MyeEMBA seeks out resources to help you optimize your study skills for MBA programs.

Developing Effective MBA Study Skills

While the median age of students enrolling in full-time programs is 28, 31 in part-time programs and 35 in executive programs (GMAC 2005 Application Trends Survey), the deterioration of study skills is likely. If effective study skills improve academic performance, then developing or improving study skills prior to starting an MBA program can be a differentiator, especially if study skills were lacking at the undergraduate level. Even though scientific research is minimal at best, numerous publications are available that provide guidance to MBAs on how to improve study skills while in their MBA program.

Resources to Optimize Your MBA Study Skills

The Study Skills Resource Page and Education Index web sites provide access to a significant number of these publications. Two other useful publications include The MBA Handbook: Study Skills for Postgraduate Management Study and The MBA Companion. Both are available at  
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