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Effective Time Management Skills for MBAs

MBA applicants, other than those applying to full time programs, generally feel they can add an MBA program to their already busy schedule. A rule of thumb used by faculty when setting workload expectations for students is to have them plan on spending 2-4 hours outside of class for every hour in class. This is exclusive of commute time to attend group meetings, which are prevalent in MBA programs. For a course that meets 3 hours per week, 6-12 hours of out of class time will be needed. MyeEMBA can help you improve your time management skills with valuable tools and resources designed for the busy MBA.

What is Time Management?

Time Management is a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals. This skill set includes a broad range of activities, such as planning, allocating, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing. Initially, time management involved business or work activities, but the term evolved to include personal activities. A time management system is a combination of processes, tools, and techniques to effectively manage one's time.

Why Improve Your Time Management Skills?

Improved time management skills will help you find the extra time needed for better class performance and improved peer perceptions when working in groups. Furthermore, proactive time management can help with family and employer expectations.

How Do I Gain a Better Understanding of Time Management?

An understanding of time management principles and skills can be gained through self-study or by participating in commercial time management programs. Self-study can be addressed with several books and publications that are available through on-line bookstores. In addition, MyeEMBA is in the process of creating an alliance with an organization that is willing to tailor their existing time management course materials specifically for MBAs. Furthermore, their course content will be delivered via on-line course offerings with enrollment restricted to MyeEMBA registered users. 

Utilizing Virtual Assistants for Better Time Management

One option to enhance time management is the use of administrative and clerical support to improve one’s time management efforts. Another approach that can be useful for individuals or teams is the engagement of a Virtual Assistant. Examples of the services that Virtual Assistant's can provide:

  • Precise Appointment Setting & Travel Arrangements
  • Effective Auto-Responder Management
  • Bookkeeping Calendar, Contact & Database Management
  • Customer Service & Support - Telephone & E-mail Efficient Data Entry, Word Processing, Business & Personal Correspondence, Proofreading
  • Proficient Microsoft Outlook & E-mail Management
  • Internet Research VOIP/Message Management - AccessLine, GotVMail, IfByPhone, & Ring Central Creative PowerPoint
  • Presentation Design
  • Superior Secretarial Services
  • Social Networking Account Management - LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.
  • Detailed Transcription
  • Proactive Vendor Management - Maintain Accounts & Resolve any Potential Issues Accurate Record management, bank reconciliation, bill payments, and expense reports   

Freelance Virtual Assistants to Help with Time Management

Technology provides the connectivity to engage an individual as a virtual assistant to assist with maximizing time management. One of the best ways to engage individual freelance workers is through Elance, a special web site where users of services and providers of services are provided a way to connect. Simply search on the site for individuals that provide virtual assistant services. Elance benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Use the virtual assistant when you need them, scale back when you do not. Choose whether to engage the virtual assistant on an hourly rate or fixed priced for a set amount of work.
  • Quality. Advanced screening and rating tools help you select the best providers. Results. Pay only for actual results received.
  • Predictable Cost. Milestone based payments help prevent runaway costs. Control. Release payment from Escrow when requirements are met.

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