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MBAs with geographic and time limitations can benefit from the use of voice and video conferencing tools. Whether you are an MBA, EMBA, or eMBA, your teams can use voice and video conferencing tools to improve team effectiveness and efficiency.

Types of Voice & Video Conferencing Tools

Three tools that may be of use include Skype, Logitech Vid, and FreeConference. All three services are free with the exception of additional services.

Skype. When you and your team members download and install Skype’s free software, you can talk one to one or to the entire team at no cost. All Skype-to-Skype calls are free from any location as long as you are connected to the internet. In addition to voice services, Skype also provides instant message (IM), video calling, and file transfer capabilites at no cost to the user(s). Other capabilities are available at a low cost.

The Skype interface is user friendly and allows you to determine who has access to your Skype information. You can easily see which of your team members are available for an IM chat or call.

Logitech Vid. Vid is a new application released by Logitech, a major provider of conferencing tools. Currently, Vid services include only VoIP voice and video communications.

FreeConference. This application allows users to schedule and manage conference calls at any time for free. Other capabilities are available at a low cost.

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