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Enhance Your MBA Writing Communication & Research Skills

With most MBA programs, you will have a large number of assignments that include written components that are completed either individually or collectively as part of a team. Many MBA students struggle in the area of MBA writing and research due to time constraints and skills lost over time. MyeEMBA's resources and tools can help you enhance your writing communication and research skills, bringing you up to speed with the requirements of most MBA programs .

Why You Need Effective Writing Communication & Research Skills

Many MBA students find written assignments challenging. Perhaps this is due to their own writing skill levels, the writing skill levels of their peers in a team assignment, or because they lack the experience of managing writing projects. Proficiency in writing communication and research can differentiate you from your peers in at least two ways:

  1. A well-written assignment that is turned in for grading will usually receive a higher grade than one that is poorly written.
  2. MBA students with well-developed writing skills are recognized by peers as an asset on any team assignment and are in demand, which results in improved peer perceptions. This is particularly beneficial if peer reviews influence program performance and course grading. 

Writing Assignment & Research Resources

Many MBA written assignments involve some form of research and many students find that conducting research to the standards set forth in the assignment a challenge. All too often, the research starts and ends on the internet, usually to the detriment of the student. Since many faculty members have a very different view of what constitutes good research, this may not benefit the student. The basic skills of business research and report writing can be learned, typically in one of following ways:
  • Self Directed Writing and Research
  • Personal On-Demand Writing Help or Feedback
  • A Personal Writing and Research Coach

Self Directed Writing & Research

Self-directed writing and research support is primarily for individuals that know the areas where their writing can be improved and are disciplined enough to schedule time to use the the following resources for their own development:

Several writing handbooks are available for business professionals. One of the many books available that is particularly useful is Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants. Do not let the subtitle fool you. Although the focus is "accounting professionals," the book is appropriate for all business professionals. Another option is The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Business Writing and Communication: Manage Your Writing. Both can be purchased from

Many more books can be found on-line by using the search terms "business writing books." However, these two provide a useful starting point.  Purchasing one or both of these books is only a starting point for improving your writing and research skills. For example, the McGraw-Hill book is a 36-hour course. You will need to devote at least 36 hours of time prior to starting your MBA program. However, before you purchase any writing book, check with your MBA program director to see if any writing/research books are provided as a part of the program. 

On-Demand Writing & Research Help or Feedback

On-demand writing and research support is primarily for individuals that feel they need writing support for some of their MBA writing requirements. MyeEMBA can arrange for a consultant to assist you with a specific writing and research requirement. The consultant will not write the assignment for you nor should you expect them to do so. You can request a fee schedule for this option as professional writers are contracted to provide this service. 

Personal Writing & Research Coach

Personal writing and research coaching is primarily for individuals that feel they need more than writing support for their MBA writing requirements. The coach not only provides feedback on the written work, they will actually help manage the assigned project. Here are the steps involved:
  1. The coach reviews the assignment with you.
  2. A consensus on the assignment's scope is reached or questions identified to gain clarification from the instructor.
  3. The steps for completing the assignment are identified.
  4. You agree to a time-line with deadlines for completing the steps.
  5. The coach proactively manages the completion of each step. 
  6. The coach will call you or email you to remind you of the deadlines, especially when any are missed.
  7. The coach provides feedback. The coach will not write the assignment for you nor should you expect them to do so.   
MyeEMBA can arrange for a personal writing coach to assist you throughout your MBA/EMBA/eEMBA progam. Please request a fee schedule for this option as professional writing coaches are contracted with to provide this service. 

Other MBA Writing & Research Resources

Another resource that should be explored is the resources that are available to you through your MBA program. Some MBA programs have recognized the need for helping their students improve their writing and communication skills. Some of this help is in the form of writing assistance and courses that are part of the MBA program. If not available through the MBA program, more generalized support may be available through the college or university that is offering your MBA program. Prior to the first day of class, you may want explore the campus resources that are available and, if time permits, take advantage of the services provided.  
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